CMS Leadership

Office of Enterprise Data & Analytics

Allison Oelschlaeger

Director & CMS Chief Data Officer

Allison Oelschlaeger is the Chief Data Officer and Director of the Office of Enterprise Data & Analytics (OEDA) at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In this role, Allison focuses on maximizing the value and impact of CMS data for internal and external users.

She oversees CMS’ data and information product portfolio and directs efforts to make CMS data sets available to external organizations. Allison also manages the development of advanced analytics using CMS data that help inform policy decisions and evaluate programs.

Before joining CMS, Allison worked at the Lewin Group where she specialized in program evaluation and data analysis. She is a graduate of Georgetown University.

Katie Hitchcock

Deputy Director

Katie (Katherine) Hitchcock is the Deputy Director of the Office of Enterprise Data & Analytics (OEDA) at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). In this role, Katie supports the CMS Chief Data Officer in maximizing the value and impact of CMS data to support informed decision-making by stakeholders inside and outside CMS. She leads work coordinating and implementing data strategy initiatives across the agency aimed at improving data collection and management, promoting data transparency and dissemination, as well as strengthening CMS’ internal data user community.

Before joining OEDA, Katie worked at the CMS Innovation Center on the design and implementation of specialty care payment models such as the Oncology Care Model.

Katie earned her Master of Public Policy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) where she specialized in health policy. Katie holds a bachelor’s degree in public policy from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

OEDA Fucntional Statement

  • Office Director serves as Chief Data Officer for CMS, responsible for the establishment and implementation of the policies, practices and standards that make CMS data available internally to drive health care reform.
  • Develops and continually updates information product development and data sharing strategies for CMS, soliciting feedback from user communities and coordinating with appropriate CMS components as necessary.
  • Establishes an enterprise data governance framework to ensure consistency in established policies and procedures regarding data collection, management, utilization and dissemination of CMS data, promoting maximum access to data for internal and external users while maintaining privacy and security.
  • Develops and implements a data services strategy to maximize use of data on all CMS programs for external and internal users, including issue papers, chart books, dashboards, interactive reports, data enclave services, limited data sets, public use files, and research identifiable files.
  • Serves as the agency point of contact for external research data requests, manages the Research and Data Assistance Center, the Chronic Condition Warehouse, the Research Data Distribution Center, and the CMS Research Data Enclave.
  • Conducts the Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey.
  • Conducts timely research and analysis on Medicare, Medicaid, and Marketplace program data to identify geographic and other drivers of variation in cost, utilization and quality. Develops program insights and solutions based on these results to reduce spending and increase quality.
  • Provides ongoing support and development of CMS and HHS data transparency initiatives including the HHS Health Data Initiative, the Health Indicators Warehouse, and
  • Represents CMS’ interests in statistical and data related policy forums, such as the Departmental Data Council, the HHS Health Data Initiative and maintains a knowledge base of data collection activities in the Government and the private sector, in order to avoid duplication and reveal opportunities for collaboration.
  • Establishes and monitors policies related to charging for data products and services.
  • Identifies and carries out projects to enhance Medicare beneficiaries’ use of their own data.
  • Provides executive support to CMS Data Governance Board.
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