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Office of Strategy, Performance & Results

Bill Samples


Bill Samples is the Director for the Office of Strategy, Performance and Results (OSPR). Bill has been with CMS since May 2020 and has been instrumental in maturing enterprise operational capabilities. He has spent almost 25 years in federal service, having previously worked at the U.S. Census Bureau in a number of different leadership roles. He last served as the Assistant Survey Director of the Economic Census for the United States and its territories, which collects extensive statistics about businesses that are essential to understanding the American economy and provides key data inputs to the United States Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and other key economic indicators. During his time at the Census Bureau, he was a recipient of the Department of Commerce Gold Medal, Census Bureau Bronze Medal, and was a two-time recipient of the Director’s Award for Innovation.

Bill has significant experience in leading large government programs, while driving operational changes inclusive of strategic planning, enterprise risks, project management, data analytics, cost estimation, and process improvement. Over the course of his career, he developed strategic partnerships with many other federal agencies, including the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Office of Management and Budget, Department of Labor, Office of Justice Programs, National Center for Education Statistics, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. One of the highlights of his career was a detail opportunity at the Executive Office of the President in the Office of the Chief Statistician of the United States, leading statistical policy implementation and coordination across all the Federal statistical agencies. 

Bill received his B.S. in business from the University of Maryland, College Park and M.S. in Project Management from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Bill is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

OSPR Functional Statement

  • Owns, develops, drives, and enables the CMS enterprise perspective across five core functions—strategic agenda and execution planning; enterprise risk management; data, insights, and reporting; continuous improvement, and project management.  Surfaces, prioritizes, designs, and implements critical strategic initiatives which require a cross-component perspective.
  • Supports the delivery CMS strategy from development through execution by enabling data-driven decisions at the enterprise level and driving sustainable change at CMS.
  • Oversees and is accountable for the development of a Strategic Agenda and Execution Planning function that provides cohesiveness and connectivity between OA and COO strategic plans, including ensuring Objectives and Key Results alignment across the enterprise.
  • Oversees and is accountable for the development of an Enterprise Risk Management function that provides risk analysis, assessment, and mitigation services.  Ensuring tight coupling with strategic priorities, this capability will amplify the many component level risk management activities already underway to an enterprise perspective.
  • Oversees and is accountable for the development of a Data, Insights and Reporting function that enables higher data utilization, measurement and dashboard at the enterprise, COO and component levels.
  • Oversees and is accountable for the development of a Continuous Improvement function that delivers process improvements by supporting components to implement lean, value stream mapping, and related methodologies.  Serves as the center of excellence for methods and practices, which include agile, human centered design, and intelligent automation.
  • Oversees and is accountable for the creation of an effective Project Management function that provides support from project inception through milestone analysis and impacting reporting.
  • Establishes and manages enterprise-level contract vehicles allowing for scalability of OSPR services and capabilities.


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