Nevada State Flexibility to Stabilize the Market Grant Award

Nevada State Flexibility to Stabilize the Market Grant Award

Grant Application Summary

Nevada Grantee: Nevada Division of Insurance

Award Date: August 20, 2018

Total Award: $249,979.00

Baseline Award: $249,979.00

Workload Award: $0

Section 2707 - The Nevada Division of Insurance will focus on the protection of those individuals with high-cost medical conditions or specific populations who might be dissuaded from enrolling in certain plans that have an intrinsic bias against various illnesses. Non-discrimination in plan design is a market-wide consumer protection that applies to all non-grandfathered health insurance plans offered in Nevada. Nevada will be looking primarily at discriminatory provider issues, but will also purchase a software package designed to offer detailed analysis of all medical provider’s (both network contracted and independent) availability in Nevada. The resulting data will be analyzed by the Nevada Division of Insurance and newly contracted resources to see what regulatory and/or statutory responses are needed.

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