Report on Conferences Sponsored by CMS

Report on Conferences Sponsored by CMS

In accordance with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Memorandum on Promoting Efficient Spending to Support Agency Operations (OMB M-12-12), dated May 11, 2012, CMS is required to publicly report on all agency-sponsored conferences where the total expenses are in excess of $100,000[1].

OMB M-12-12 also established a $500,000 threshold on conference spending and allowed the agency head to waive this threshold based on exceptional circumstances.

This report includes:

A description of all CMS-sponsored conferences by fiscal year where the net expenses associated with the conference were in excess of $100,000, along with:

  • the total conference expenses incurred by the agency for the conference;
  • the location of the conference;
  • the date of the conference;
  • a brief explanation on how the conference advanced the mission of the agency; and
  • the total number of individuals whose travel expenses or other conference expenses were paid by the agency.


[1] The total costs and attendance levels are best estimates based on readily identifiable and known costs for contractor support, venue and audio-visual related expenses, registration fees, travel, and other miscellaneous costs.


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