HFPP: About the Partnership

About the Partnership

The Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership (HFPP) is a voluntary public-private partnership that helps detect and prevent healthcare fraud through data and information sharing. Partners include federal government, state agencies, law enforcement, private health insurance plans, employer organizations, and healthcare anti-fraud associations. The HFPP’s goals are to deliver:

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HFPP provides Partners with broader visibility into the universe of payments beyond those issued by a single payer

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Partners work with healthcare fraud experts to identify emerging threats and design new methods to combat them

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HFPP studies give Partners ways to take substantive actions that stop fraudulent and improper payments from going out the door

The HFPP helps Partners identify and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse across the healthcare sector through collaboration, data and information sharing, and cross-payer research studies.

Collaboration to Combat Fraud

The HFPP’s primary goal is to help Partners move from a reactive approach to a preventative approach to identify and address fraud by generating comprehensive strategies that each Partner can use to combat healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse.

  • Unparalleled Data Source: The HFPP represents the full spectrum of healthcare payers and anti-fraud associations, which enables data, information sharing, and sophisticated data analytics against a unique cross-payer data set.
  • Collaboration & Strategic Partnerships: Through a variety of HFPP events, Partners leverage their collective experiences to meaningfully participate and guide the Partnership.

History and Growth

Public and private sector organizations have long recognized the importance of coordination and information-sharing to combat healthcare fraud. The HFPP was established in 2012 as a public-private partnership with approximately 20 Partners, with data and information sharing as central pillars.

Today, the HFPP has grown to 249 Partners and, given its broad membership, it is uniquely positioned to examine emerging trends and develop key recommendations and strategies to address them.

Learn more about the Partnership by viewing the fact sheet (PDF).

Become a Partner

Are you interested in joining the Partnership? Learn more about the benefits of the HFPP and how to become a partner.

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