Benefits of HFPP Membership

Benefits of HFPP Membership

Partnership in the HFPP provides many benefits to organizations committed to addressing health care fraud, waste, and abuse, including:

  • Unparalleled data source and analytics
  • Collaboration and strategic partnerships
  • Substantive ways to move from a reactive mode to a proactive, preventative approach in fighting fraud

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Key Benefits of Partnership

Enhanced Analytics Using Public and Private Data:

  • The HFPP is the only organization where Partners can combine their data with public and private data, including data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, in order to gain heightened anti-fraud insights.
  • The aggregated data, across public and private sectors, provide Partners with broad visibility into the universe of payments beyond their own claims.

Expanded Research:

  • Partners share data, outcomes, and lessons learned.
  • Crowdsourcing of study ideas and designs provides maximum impact to address emerging fraud, waste, and abuse trends.

Confidentiality & Security:

  • By contributing claims data and conducting studies through a Trusted Third Party (TTP), each participating organization reaps the benefits of cross-sector analysis while maintaining the anonymity of their data.
  • No Partner (public or private) has direct access to other Partners’ data.


  • Through a variety of HFPP events including Regional Information Sharing Sessions, webinars on trending topics, and working groups, Partners leverage their collective experiences to play a leading role in the partnership and in combating healthcare fraud across the nation.

Make the Most of the Partnership

  • Contribute Data: Share your data and outcomes for use in anti-fraud, waste, and abuse studies to help increase the impact of our results and findings.
  • Share Ideas & Participate in Study Development: Share ideas and fraud schemes that can be developed into study designs and help refine the methodologies and analytics used in HFPP studies.
  • Attend Educational & Networking Events: Participate in information sharing activities that allow you to collaborate on best practices, identify case leads, discuss study results, and develop relationships with peers and leading anti-fraud experts.
  • Provide Study Outcomes & Actionable Results: Share your outcomes and insights to help the HFPP better understand how it can enhance Partner support, increase overall value, and quantify the return on investment for study participants.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the Partnership or would like to request an informational meeting, please contact the HFPP at

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