Become an HFPP Partner

Become an HFPP Partner

By working together, we can be more effective at preventing health care fraud, waste, and abuse. The Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership (HFPP) continues to expand nationally by encouraging participation by all eligible public and private health care entities. The insights and input of each member contribute to the overall value of the Partnership.

Who is Eligible?

A potential Partner should be willing and able to meaningfully contribute relevant information to the activities of the Partnership.

  • Public Sector: Representatives of government healthcare programs such as the Medicare and Medicaid programs and other federal, state, or local government organizations

  • Private Sector: Non-governmental organizations, health insurers, delivery systems, and other appropriate entities which includes, but is not limited to, private healthcare payers, associations, and other related organizations

The Trusted Third Party (TTP) will verify your eligibility and guide you through the partner onboarding process. Once verified, you will:

  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which describes the purpose and objectives of the HFPP as well as the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of each Partner organization

  • To submit data and participate in HFPP studies, you will also need to execute a Data Sharing Agreement (DSA). This agreement sets expectations for security and privacy safeguards and specifies the conditions under which data is submitted, aggregated, shared, and reported. The DSA is executed with the TTP. Learn more about the TTP on the HFPP Organizational Structure page.

Take Full Advantage of the Partnership

Once you are an established Partner, our Partner Support team will be there to help you realize all of the benefits of the HFPP.

How to Join the Partnership

There’s no cost to join the HFPP. If you’re interested in becoming a Partner, the HFPP’s Trusted Third Party (TTP) can:

  • Confirm your eligibility to join.

  • Answer any questions you may have about the benefits of an HFPP membership.

  • Schedule an informational meeting.

Email the TTP

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