Revalidations (Renewing Your Enrollment)

Revalidations (Renewing Your Enrollment)

Revalidations (Renewing Your Enrollment)

You’re required to revalidate—or renew—your enrollment record periodically to maintain Medicare billing privileges. In general, providers and suppliers revalidate every five years but DMEPOS suppliers revalidate every three years. CMS also reserves the right to request off-cycle revalidations.

Revalidate Online Using PECOS

PECOS is the most efficient way to submit your revalidation. It allows you to:

  • Review information currently on file
  • Upload your supporting documents
  • Electronically sign and submit your revalidation online

Because PECOS is paperless, you won’t need to mail anything. Additionally, PECOS is tailored to ensure that you only submit information that’s relevant to your application.

Revalidate online using PECOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I find my due date?

You can search the Medicare Revalidation List to find a due date for an individual or organizational provider.

CMS posts revalidation due dates seven months in advance.

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What happens if I don’t revalidate on time?

Failing to revalidate on time could result in a hold on your Medicare reimbursement or deactivation of your Medicare billing privileges.

If your Medicare billing privileges are deactivated, you’ll need to re-submit a complete Medicare enrollment application to reactivate your billing privileges. Medicare won’t reimburse you for any services during the period that you were deactivated.

There are no exemptions from revalidation. Additionally, CMS doesn’t grant extensions; your notification email or letter will allow sufficient time to revalidate before your due date.

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Will CMS alert me when it’s time to revalidate?

Yes. Your enrollment contractor will send a revalidation notice to you via email or U.S. postal mail about three to four months prior to your due date.

Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) send revalidation notices to providers, group practices, and non-DMEPOS suppliers. The National Provider Enrollment DMEPOS East and West contractors send revalidation notices to DMEPOS suppliers. Find your enrollment contractor (PDF).

Although revalidation notices are sent ahead of time, you’re responsible for keeping track of your due date.

DO Revalidate If…

You’re within three months of your revalidation due date, even if you haven’t received a notification.

DON’T Revalidate If…

Your due date is more than seven months away unless you’ve received a revalidation notice. These unsolicited revalidations will be returned.

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