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PECOS 2.0 is Coming Soon

Are you ready for the new and improved PECOS experience? PECOS 2.0 will make the Medicare enrollment and revalidation processes faster and easier. In addition to greater overall efficiency, users will be able to track their application status in real time.

Learn more about PECOS 2.0.

Hospice Certifying Enrollment

Effective June 3, 2024, CMS will require physicians who certify the need for hospice services to be enrolled in or opted-out of Medicare.  Refer to Hospice Certifying Enrollment Q&A (PDF) and Hospice Claims Edits for Certifying Physicians (PDF) for more information. 

Physicians & Non-Physician Practitioners: New Medicare Enrollment Application Required November 1 

Medicare has merged the CMS-855R into the CMS-855I paper enrollment application. Read how this will affect provider enrollment in the Consolidated CMS-855I/CMS-855R Enrollment Applications Bulletin (PDF).

New Provider Type: Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) and Mental Health Counselors (MHCs)

CMS will implement new MFT and MHC provider types on Jan. 1, 2024. Refer to MFT/MHC FAQs (PDF) for additional information.

New Provider Type: Rural Emergency Hospitals (REHs)

CMS will implement a new REH provider type on Jan. 1, 2023. If you're converting a rural hospital or critical access hospital to an REH, you can go ahead and submit your application. Please refer to the REH Medicare Provider Instructions (PDF).

Important Information Regarding Changes to the DMEPOS Enrollment Contractor

Effective Nov. 7, 2022, the National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC) no longer processes Medicare enrollment applications for DMEPOS suppliers. The National Provider Enrollment DMEPOS East and West contractors now process all DMEPOS enrollment applications.

Find your enrollment contractor (PDF).

Get Updates on Regulations

When you subscribe to CMS on the Federal Register website, you’ll be notified of statuses, moratoria, and proposed rules concerning the Medicare program. Go to CMS on the Federal Register website.

State Medicaid Agency (SMA) Provider Enrollment Contact List

Medicaid COVID-19 Vaccine Enrollment Contact Information (PDF)

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