• Centralized Billing: A way for mass immunizers to send all COVID, flu, and pneumococcal  roster bill claims to a single Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), Novitas. Medicare pays based on where you administer the vaccine. You can enroll in and use centralized billing, regardless of where you administer the vaccines. You must submit all centralized biller claims in electronic format as professional claims on a roster bill.
  • Mass Immunizers: Providers who give COVID, flu, and pneumococcal vaccines to groups of individuals (like people who live in a retirement community).  Mass immunizers can be a traditional provider, like a physician, or a non-traditional provider, like a drug store, public health clinic, or senior center. We created the mass immunizer specialty for providers who wouldn't otherwise be eligible for Medicare enrollment. Mass immunizers must submit all claims as professional claims on a roster bill.
  • Order: A statement from the treating provider asking for a diagnostic test for the patient. (You don’t need a physician order to administer COVID, flu, and pneumococcal vaccines.)
  • Roster Bill: A way for you to submit multiple claims for COVID, flu, and pneumococcal vaccines. Entities enrolled as Mass Immunization Roster Billers must use roster billing.
    • You must bill each type of vaccine on a separate roster bill. You can’t combine COVID, flu, and pneumococcal vaccine codes on the same roster bill.
    • It’s quick and easy to use roster billing for COVID, flu, and pneumococcal vaccines.
    • Find your MAC website to learn more about or set up roster billing
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