Daily Casework File from 1-800-MEDICARE

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Daily Casework File from 1-800-MEDICARE

Beginning this week, your organization is receiving every day in your 'casework mailbox' a file from Pearson Reports Delivery@Pearson.com. This file contains urgent and nonurgent complaints received two days prior by 1-800-MEDICARE about your organization's Part D product(s). (You will have already received from your lead regional office the same urgent cases on this file, but you will have received them on the day they were run by 1-800-MEDICARE and sent to you by your lead regional office.) This daily file with urgent and nonurgent cases is password protected. The password will always be "RESOLUTION".

It is CMS' expectation that all these cases be resolved. If you have any questions about these files, please contact your lead regional office.

We are aware that some organizations do not have a functioning mailbox address in the HPMS contact list for "caseworker contact'. Please immediately check the casework email address in HPMS and update it to assure it is correct so that your organization receives these files. Thank you.