Posting of the Annual Report by Plan

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Posting of the Annual Report by Plan

This e-mail is to notify you that CMS has posted plan-level Medicare Advantage (MA), Cost, PACE, Demo, and Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) enrollment data to the CMS Part D Enrollment Data web page in a downloadable Excel format. This data reflects enrollment counts that were paid for the month of July 2006. Please carefully review the technical notes appearing at the top of the worksheet.

Plan-level data will be posted once a year during the month following the conclusion of the MA open enrollment season. Barring any legislative changes, interested parties can expect the next plan-level enrollment data in June 2007, following the end of MA enrollment season on April 30.

All other months of the year, CMS will post MA and Part D enrollment data at the contract level. Additionally, CMS will post a summary of enrollment by organization type.

The Annual Report by Plan is available in the "downloads" section at: