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CY 2016 Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule (80 FR 70885)
  • New Exception for Assistance to Compensate a Nonphysician Practitioner (Section 411.357(x))
  • New Exception for Timeshare Arrangements (Section 411.357(y))
  • Reducing Burden and Improving Clarity Regarding the Writing, Term, and Holdover Provisions in Certain Exceptions and Other Regulations
  • Definitions (Section 411.351)
  • Exception for Ownership of Publicly Traded Securities (Section 411.356(a)(1))
  • Temporary Noncompliance With Signature Requirements (Section 411.353(g))
  • Preventing Conflicts of Interest: Public Web site and Public Advertising Disclosure Requirement (Section 411.362)
  • Determining the Bona Fide Investment Level (Section 411.362(b)(4)(i))
  • Solicitation of Comments: Perceived Need for Regulatory Revisions or Policy Clarification Regarding Permissible Physician Compensation
  • Technical Corrections