Data & Reports

Data & Reports

All CMS Innovation Center Models are rigorously evaluated, and the CMS Innovation Center makes some model data available to researchers and other model data available publicly. Learn how to access model data and evaluation reports.

Get Model Data

CMMI makes model data available to ensure transparency and support external research and learning.

  • Research Identifiable Files (RIFs) for many models are available through the CMS Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC).
    • Access requires registration with associated fees.
    • Additional models (such as Next Generation ACO, Comprehensive ESRD Care, Pioneer ACO, and Million Hearts), may also be available by searching ResDAC directly.
  • Public Use Files on models are available through (search by model name or ‘innovation’).
  • Individual CMMI model pages may also contain data (search models).

View Evaluation Reports

Find evaluation reports for CMMI models by browsing or searching below.

Get more information about how CMMI conducts model evaluations, including the difference between model participant financial results and model evaluation spending results.


Additional Information

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