Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network

The Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (HCPLAN or LAN) is an active group of public and private health care leaders dedicated to providing thought leadership, strategic direction, and ongoing support to accelerate our care system’s adoption of alternative payment models (APMs). The LAN mobilizes payers, providers, purchasers, patients, product manufacturers, policymakers, and others in a shared mission to lower care costs, improve patient experiences and outcomes, reduce the barriers to APM participation, and promote shared accountability.

Since 2015, health care stakeholders have relied on the LAN to align them around core APM design components, host forums and summits to share information and inspire action, build consensus among leaders, and measure the progress of APM adoption.

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Executive Forum

The LAN’s Executive Forum convenes health care leaders committed to shaping the strategic direction for value-based payment in the U.S. This initiative provides guidance on opportunities for strengthening incentives to accelerate the transition to value driven, alternative payment, and accountable care models across markets. It is designed to influence and shape care delivery transformation necessary for the success of value-based health care and payment. The Executive Forum’s primary focus is identifying the tools and strategies that prepare health care stakeholders for success in delivering high-quality care that improves patient outcomes and reduces costs across a multi-payer environment.

Key Initiatives

Annual APM Measurement Effort

Every year, the LAN conducts a national effort to assess the adoption of alternative payment models (APM) over time and track progress toward the LAN’s goals. Since its start in 2015, the Measurement Effort has evolved to incorporate data from a large sample of payers that represent nearly 80% of covered Americans, and now serves as the most comprehensive snapshot available for measuring progress on payment reform. In 2018, the LAN began reporting payment data by line of business—Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and Traditional Medicare.

  • Explore prior year Measurement Effort results, and view past reports, dating back to 2015, to track year-over-year progress in APM adoption
  • Review APM measurement findings that are shared at the annual LAN Summit.

LAN Goal Statement

The LAN established new goals at the October 2019 LAN Summit aimed at accelerating adoption of two-sided risk APMs to address currently unsustainable rates of health care spending.

Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) graphic

The LAN has established goals to provide greater investment in the adoption of effective accountable care arrangements, develop payment structures and design elements to promote care models that deliver equitable outcomes, and scale the adoption of shared APM design elements across stakeholders (including purchasers, payers, providers, and patients).

Health Equity Advisory Team (HEAT)

The LAN established the HEAT to help identify and prioritize opportunities to advance health equity through APMs, to influence design principles, and to inform LAN priorities and initiatives. Its goal is person-centered—leverage APMs to help make needed care more accessible, drive better patient outcomes, and reduce disparities. Patient experiences, priorities, and perceptions are crucial elements the HEAT is exploring.

The HEAT’s diverse team of regional and national implementers and health equity subject matter experts brings valuable perspectives for and experience with identifying and mitigating health inequities across communities and in the nation’s health care system.

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Accountable Care Action Collaborative (ACAC)

The purpose of the ACAC is to catalyze the accountable care landscape beyond payment reform and increase collaboration and alignment across key stakeholder groups. The key components of this initiative include creating a movement that promotes efforts to advance accountable care, leveraging other LAN initiatives and activities, and fostering partnerships to facilitate the large-scale application of findings and best practices.

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State Transformation Collaboratives (STCs)

The LAN’s STCs are comprised of four distinct working groups dedicated to transforming health care in a specific state or region within a state. The STCs are focused on continuing to shift the economic drivers away from fee-for-service to a value-based, person-centered approach to health through multi-payer collaboration and partnership. Current participating states include Arkansas, California, Colorado, and North Carolina.

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