Inpatient Psychiatric Prospective Payment System (IPF PPS)

As discussed in section IV.E.2 of the FY 2023 IPF PPS final rule, CMS finalized its proposal to calculate the outlier fixed dollar loss threshold using FY 2021 claims and to exclude from the FY 2023 impact simulations any providers whose change in simulated cost per day is outside 3 standard deviations from the mean.  This file contains case level data for inpatient psychiatric stays and are derived from the 2021 MEDPAR data file and the latest available provider specific file. The data available in this file is consistent with the data as described in the IPF PPS Final Rule published in July 2022. The records are stripped of most data elements that would permit identification of beneficiaries. This file includes approximately 0.2 million records for services paid under the inpatient psychiatric benefit.

Media: DVD Cost: $3,000   

Data Format: Comma separated variable block with SAS® read-in program

Available: FY2023 IPF PPS Final Rule

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