State-based Exchanges

State-based Exchanges

Since January 1, 2014, consumers and small businesses in every state (including the District of Columbia) have had access to obtain health and/or dental insurance coverage through Individual or Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Health Insurance Exchanges, operated by States through State-based Exchanges (SBEs), or operated by the Federal government through the Federally-facilitated Exchange (FFE).

States who wish to establish a SBE are required to convey their intent in doing so by submitting a declaration letter to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). States were also eligible, through November 2014, to apply for Federal grants to support the establishment of their SBE. Since 2014, CMS’s Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) has been providing conditional approval for states requesting to establish a SBE. Historic declaration letters and other correspondence from States related to Exchange establishment can be found here. For Plan Year 2024, there are 19 SBEs, and 3 State-based Exchanges on the Federal platform (SBE-FPs). SBE-FPs are SBEs who rely on HHS services for performing certain Exchange functions, particularly eligibility and enrollment, while still retaining responsibility for performing certain Exchange functions such as Qualified Health Plan (QHP) certification and consumer outreach and assistance functions. The SBE-FPs that perform SHOP eligibility functions are noted below by an asterisk next to the SBE-FP’s name. 

Below is a list of the SBEs and SBE-FPs, for Plan Year 2024 and where available, a state’s declaration letter, HHS/CMS’ conditional approval letter, and a State’s Exchange website link. For further information, please contact the State directly. Further below is a list of states transitioning to a SBE for Plan Year 2025, and where available, a state's declaration letter, and HHS/CMS' conditional approval letter.

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Updated: November 3, 2023

State-based Exchanges for Plan Year 2024:




District of Columbia








New Jersey 

New Mexico

New York


Rhode Island




State-based Exchanges on the Federal Platform for Plan Year 2024:




States seeking to transition to a State-based Exchange for Plan Year 2025:


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