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Why is health insurance important for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs)? Whether someone is suffering from a long-term illness, wants to prevent illness, or has to seek emergency care, health insurance can help keep focus on the person in need, rather than on the cost of the services needed. With the resources on this page, find out what is covered, what is considered preventive care, and what benefits are available specifically for AI/ANs.

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PSAs and Radio Spots

Get help for alcohol and drug addiction (February 2018)
Jumpstart the new year with health insurance (January 2018)
Coverage for healthy moms and babies (May 2017)


Health Matters to Mothers

Umatilla Tribe champion jingle dress dancer Acosia Red Elk discusses the importance of health insurance to mothers like her who are looking for coverage for women’s health issues like prenatal care, mental health, and mammograms. (2:07)

Health Matters to Athletes

Cherokee track and field star Jamie Loy discusses how health insurance provides coverage if athletes are injured. (2:00)

Health Matters to Storyteller Gene Tagaban

Health care matters to American Indians and Alaska Natives. Tlingit/Cherokee storyteller Gene Tagaban discusses the prevalence of diabetes in his clan and the importance of carrying positive, healthy messages—like getting health insurance—to youth. (2:15)

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