Hospital 2552-1996 form

Hospital 2552-1996 form

Hospital 2552-96 Cost Report Data files.  The data included in this release contains cost reports with fiscal years ending on or after September 30, 1996.  However, cost reports that have fiscal year beginning dates on and after May 1, 2010 should be submitted on the new 2552-10 form.

These data files contain the highest level of cost report status for cost reports in all reported fiscal years.  For example, if the Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) department has both an as submitted report and a final settled report for a hospital for a particular year, the data files will only contain the final settled report. If HCRIS has both a final settled report and a reopened report, the data files will only have the reopened report.

There is one dataset file for each fiscal year.  There is a file for fiscal year 1995, but there are only two reports in this file.  These reports have a fiscal year ending date greater than September 30, 1996; however, the fiscal year begin dates categorize them as 1995 cost reports.  These reports were filed on the CMS Form 2552-96 so they are included in this release.

The Rollup data file is now included in each dataset file.

Note:  Most Hospital cost report data-sets cannot be loaded into Microsoft Excel.  The Rpt_Nmrc files are too large for this application.  

There is a link to the Cost Report files by individual fiscal year in the left margin.  This link will take you to all the downloadable cost report files. 

Other Hospital 1996 (2552-96) files:

Hospital 1996 Reports Zip File

Note:  The Hospital Cost Reporting worksheet forms can be found in the Provider Reimbursement Manual, Part II.  The link is below.  Scroll down to Chapter 36 (Hospital Cost Report – CMS Form 2552-96). 

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