CCIP - Chronic Care Improvement Program

CCIP - Chronic Care Improvement Program

Per 42 CFR 422.152(a)(2) and (c), MA organizations are required to conduct Chronic Care Improvement Program (CCIP) initiatives. The statutory and regulatory intent of the CCIPs includes the promotion of effective chronic disease management and the improvement of care and health outcomes for enrollees with chronic conditions. CMS recommends MAOs conduct CCIPs over a three-year period.

MAOs must conduct the activities described in the Plan Sections and Annual Update sections as required by 422.152, but there is no requirement to submit them to CMS. In addition, MAOs should assess and internally document activities related to these quality initiatives on an ongoing basis, as well as modify interventions and/or processes as necessary. MAOs must make information on the status and results of ongoing projects available to CMS upon request (42 CFR 422.152(c)(2)). Model templates for both CCIP components are available for reference in the CCIP Resource Document below.

MAOs must use the Health Plan Management System (HPMS) to report the status of their CCIP to CMS by December 31 annually. Submissions include an attestation by the MAO regarding its compliance with the ongoing CCIP requirement (42 CFR 422.152(c)(2)).

CCIP questions may be directed to the Medicare Part C Policy Mailbox, located at:

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