Files for FY 2008 Final Rule and Correction Notice

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Files for FY 2008 Final Rule and Correction Notice
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  1. Impact File: This file contains data elements by provider that were used in calculating the FY 2008 rates and impacts.
  2. DRG Data Files: Contains the following files in one Zip File:
    1. Definition of Medicare Code Edits (MCE): MCE Edits found in MS-DRGs GROUPER V25.0
    2. FY 2008 MDC File: List of Major Diagnostic Categories (MDCs) in the MS-DRGs and description file
    3. MS-DRG Summary Table: Summary of the changes to the MS-DRGs for FY 2008
    4. CC Analysis Data Files: The CC analysis data file contains claims data that was used in the process
      of classifying ICD-9-CM codes as a Major Complication or Comorbidity (MCC), CC or non-CC.
    5. Crosswalk from CMS DRGs to MS-DRGs: Crosswalk form CMS-DRGs,Version 24, to MS-DRGs
    6. Hospital Acquired Conditions, Trauma Description Codes: List of Hospital Acquired Conditions,
      Trauma Description Codes
  3. Standardizing File: The file is used to standardize charges for the rate building process
  4. AOR/BOR: Before and after outliers are removed variables listed in excel. These are the variables used in the calculations of the relative weights as well as other calculations for PPS.
  5. Case Mix Index: This file contains hospitals' case mix indexes (CMI) for discharges. A hospital's CMI represents the average diagnosis-related group (DRG) relative weight for that hospital. It is calculated by summing the DRG weights for all Medicare discharges and dividing by the number of discharges. CMIs are calculated using both transfer-adjusted cases and unadjusted cases.
  6. Table 1A - 1D Final Rates for FY 2008: Contains the final FY 2008 Operating, Capital Standardized Amounts and National and Puerto Rico Specific Standardized Amounts. Additionally, there are two text files corresponding to each tab in the spreadsheet to meet Section 508 compliance.
  7. Wage Index Tables: Contains two zip files:
    1. Tables 2, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4F, 4J, 9A, 9C (FY 2008 Final Rule)
    2. Tables 2, 4A, 4B, 4C, 4J, 9A, 9C (FY 2008 Correction Notice, CMS-1533 - CN2)
  8. Table 5: List of MS-DRGs, Relative Weighting Factors, & Geometric & Arithmetic Mean Length of Stay
  9. Table 6A-6J and Other Files: Contains the following files:
    1. Table 6A-New Diagnosis Codes
    2. Table 6B-New Procedure Codes
    3. Table 6C-Invalid Diagnosis Codes
    4. Table 6D-Invalid Procedure Codes
    5. Table 6E-Revised Diagnosis Code Titles
    6. Table 6F-Revised Procedure Code Titles
    7. Table 6G-Additions to the CC Exclusions List
    8. Table 6H-Deletions from the CC Exclusions List
    10. TABLE 6J - CC LIST
    11. Total CC Exclusion List
    12. Changes to MCC and CC List
  10. Tables 7A and 7B: Tables 7A and 7B contain the number of discharges, and selected percentile lengths of stay for both MS-DRGs, version 24 and MS-DRGs, version 25 as published in the Federal Register. Additionally, there are two text files corresponding to each tab in the spreadsheet to meet Section 508 compliance.