Files for FY 2006 Final Rule and Correction Notice

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Files for FY 2006 Final Rule and Correction Notice
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  1. Table 5 - DRG Relative Weights: The Final Version 23 DRG Relative Weights - The DRG number, descriptions, relative weights, geometric and arithmetic mean length of stay as published in the Federal Register as Table 5.
  2. Table 7A/7B: Tables 7A and 7B contain the number of discharges, and selected percentile lengths of stay for both DRGs, version 22 and DRGs, version 23 as published in the Federal Register.
  3. Impact File: Impact data file contains 2 worksheets- first worksheet contains Impact file data description, second worksheet contains Impact file data). Updated to include additional CMI and Case variables for Version 22. Updated 8/17/2005
  4. AOR/BOR: Before and after outliers are removed variables listed in excel. These are the variables used in the calculations of the relative weights as well as other calculations for PPS.
  5. Case Mix Index: This file contains hospitals' case mix indexes (CMI) for discharges. A hospital's CMI represents the average diagnosis-related group (DRG) relative weight for that hospital. It is calculated by summing the DRG weights for all Medicare discharges and dividing by the number of discharges. CMIs are calculated using both transfer-adjusted cases and unadjusted cases. We intend to update the case mix index at this website annually to coincide with the proposed and final updates to the IPPS.
  6. Final Provider Specific File: Provider data submitted through April 1, 2005 for use in the FY 2006 IPPS Final Rule. The file contains 4,112 records of 240 characters each (record description included).
  7. County to County Workflow Data File: This file is based on Census 2000 Healthcare worker commuting data and is used in determining eligibility for the wage index increase available under Section 505 of P.L. 108 -173.