CPI-U Updates

CPI-U Updates

Nonmonetary Compensation, Medical Staff Incidental Benefits, and Limited Remuneration to a Physician Exceptions

The regulations at 42 CFR 411.357(k), (m), and (z) set forth exceptions to the physician self-referral law for certain nonmonetary compensation, medical staff incidental benefits, and limited remuneration to a physician, respectively. Under these exceptions, the compensation limits are adjusted each calendar year to the nearest whole dollar by the increase in the Consumer Price Index-Urban All Item (CPI-U) for the 12-month period ending the preceding September 30.

The percentage increase in the CPI-U for the 12-month period ending September 30, 2023 was +3.7 percent. Thus, for the calendar year beginning January 1, 2024, the compensation limit for the exception at § 411.357(k) is $507, and the value of any medical staff incidental benefits to be furnished in compliance with the exception at § 411.357(m)(5) is less than $44 per occurrence of the benefit. The limit on aggregate remuneration to a physician under the exception at § 411.357(z) is $5,913 in calendar year 2024.

The following table displays the compensation limits for each calendar year:

Calendar YearNon-monetary compensation limit in accordance with §411.357(k)Medical staff incidental benefit in accordance with §411.357(m)(5)Limited remuneration to a physician in accordance with
% Change in
CY 2014$385Less than $32n/a+1.2%
CY 2015$3921Less than $33n/a+1.7%
CY 2016$392Less than $33n/a+0.0%
CY 2017$398Less than $33n/a+1.5%
CY 2018$407Less than $34n/a+2.2%
CY 2019$416Less than $35n/a+2.3%
CY 2020$423Less than $36n/a+1.7%
CY 2021$429Less than $37$5,000+1.4%
CY 2022$452Less than $39$5,270+5.4%
CY 2023$489Less than $42$5,702+8.2%
CY 2024$507Less than $44$5,913+3.7%

From November 9, 2016, through November 16, 2017, the CY 2015 nonmonetary compensation limit was inadvertently listed on this website as $395 instead of $392.

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