Navigate Your Coverage

Navigate Your Coverage
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Understanding your health insurance plan can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. These resources can help you make sense of your benefits, make the most of your coverage and keep track of the information you need.

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FAQs for Navigating Your Coverage

I have health coverage but don't know where to start.


Check out our Roadmap to Better Care (PDF) for more information for understanding your health coverage and making the most of your benefits.

Is there an easy way to keep important information about my health coverage all in one place?


Yes! Download our My Health Coverage At-A-Glance (PDF) tool and fill in the fields with your information.

What information on my insurance card is important?


Our Sample Insurance Card (PDF) breaks down what information you need to know and where to find it on your own card.

I don’t understand my explanation of benefits. How do I read this?


Our Sample Explanation of Benefits (PDF) details what each piece of information on your explanation of benefits means. Remember—this isn’t a bill for services rendered.

I want to seek out care for a substance use disorder or mental healthcare. How do I navigate that?


Our Roadmap to Behavioral Health (PDF) explains where to go and how to navigate your health coverage to improve your mental and physical well-being.

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Roadmap to Better Care — English (PDF)

This roadmap explains what health coverage is and how to use it to get primary care and preventive services so that you and your family live long, healthy lives. A Braille version is available. To request a physical copy, please reach out to

Available in 10 languages

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My Health Coverage at-a-Glance — English (PDF)

My Health Coverage at-a-Glance is meant to be customized with information specific to your health plan. Know information about your plan, what you pay for health care, and where to go — all on one page.

Available in 9 languages

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Roadmap to Behavioral Health — English (PDF)

This companion guide to the Roadmap to Better Care can help you understand what mental health, substance use, and other behavioral health care services are available to you and how to seek out care.

Available in 9 languages

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Sample Explanation of Benefits — English (PDF)

This sample explanation of benefits, sometimes called a fee schedule, can help you understand where to look in your own explanation of benefits for the total charges for your visit and how much you and your health plan will have to pay.

Available in 9 languages
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