Get Preventive Care

Get Preventive Care
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Preventive services are covered by most health insurance plans and are an important tool to ensure concerns are caught and cared for early on. Understanding what services are available to you and your loved ones is the first step to living a long, healthy life.

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FAQs for Get Preventive Care

How do I know what preventive services are available to me?


The flyers linked below explain what preventive screenings and care are available to you and your family at no cost under most health insurance plans. Your doctor or other healthcare provider can also answer questions about which services are available and most beneficial to you.

Am I required to use these services?


No, these services aren’t mandatory for anyone to use, but they can help catch certain health issues early to ensure you receive the right care to live a long and happy life.

Are there other ways to be proactive about my health?


Yes! In addition to these preventive services, our Put Your Health First infographic (PDF) outlines other things that can help you and your family live a long and happy life.

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Women Preventive Services Flyer — English (PDF)

Did you know that annual well woman visits, cancer and STD screenings, and other screenings and support are available to women at no cost under most health coverage? This flyer shows which services women can access to put their health first.

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MyHealthfinder Tool

Use the HHS MyHealthfinder tool for personalized recommendations on clinical preventive services based on age, sex, and pregnancy status. The Affordable Care Act requires most insurance plans to cover these services without cost-sharing. To include MyHealthfinder on your website, visit the Health Widgets & Badges page on

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