Multi-Payer Advanced Primary Care Practice: Archived

Multi-Payer Advanced Primary Care Practice: Archived

Type: Solicitation Period Closed/Ongoing Demonstrations

Year: 2010

Under this demonstration, CMS will participate in multi-payer reform initiatives that are currently being conducted by states to make advanced primary care practices more broadly available. The demonstration will evaluate whether advanced primary care practice will reduce unjustified utilization and expenditures, improve the safety, effectiveness, timeliness, and efficiency of health care, increase patient decision-making and increase the availability and delivery of care in underserved areas.


04/12/2011 - Revised Q & As including question regarding participation by MAPCP participating practices in ACOs

11/22/2010 - Revised Q & A's

11/16/2010 - Press Release announces the 8 selected sites for the MAPCP Demonstration. (See Related Links Inside CMS)

An e-mail box has been established for interested individuals who wish to submit comments or questions regarding this new initiative. The URL for that mailbox is:



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