Caregiver Support

Caregiver Support

Successful LTSS programs include services that promote the wellbeing of caregivers. Many types of caregiver support have worked well in Indian Country.

Overview of caregiver support

In tribal communities, family members often care for elders and people with disabilities. Providing care for a loved one who needs assistance with daily living activities can be stressful and challenging. Caregiver support helps relieve some of this stress.

Learn more about support for caregivers in Indian Country:

  • Literature Review—Caregiver Support in Indian Country (PDF) (591 KB, 40 pp): Discusses the challenges of caregiver support in American Indian and Alaska Native communities, available support for caregivers, and recommendations to overcome barriers

Caregiver support needs in Indian Country

In Indian Country, 9 out of 10 caregivers are family members. Challenges common in AI/AN communities, like limited access to health care and transportation, can add to the stress of caregiving. Caregiver support promotes the wellbeing of the caregiver to help them provide the best care possible.

Program examples and resources

These resources share considerations and promising practices for caregiver support in tribal LTSS programs.

Program profiles

More resources

These webinar recordings, webinar slides, and report describe caregiver support strategies, trends, and interventions in Indian Country.

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