IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian LTSS Programs

IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian LTSS Programs

IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian LTSS programs help elders and people with disabilities to continue to live at home or in local settings. CMS understands the importance of connecting you to providers of LTSS services and more.

Indian Health Service, Tribal, and Urban Indian Long Term Service and Support Programs

For an overview of this data, visit the ITU Program Map. You can select a state to view available programs. Each organization maintains their own policy on who they serve and whether to provide services to nontribal members

How many programs offer each type of service? 

The dataset lists most common types of LTSS, such as transportation and personal care, and which ITU programs provide these services.

Many programs refer patients to other organizations to receive LTSS care. Referred services are not included in the database. 

How many types of services do programs usually provide? 

On average, ITUs provide at least 5 types of LTSS care.


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