West Virginia Health Insurance Marketplace Grants Awards List

West Virginia Health Insurance Marketplace Grants Awards List

West Virginia has received two grant awards to build its Health Insurance Marketplace. This includes a Planning Grant and two Level One Establishment Grants.

Summaries of West Virginia’s applications for each grant are provided below:


Establishment Grant Level One Application Summary

Administrator: West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner
Award Amount: $9,667,694; $10,165,134
Award Date: August 12, 2011; July 9, 2013
Application Due Date: June 30, 2011; May 15, 2013
Level of Funding: Level One

Summary: West Virginia will provide for several consumer quality and effectiveness related studies to ensure an efficient and value driven market transition into the Exchange, including further funding for actuarial services and economic modeling as envisioned under the Planning Exchange Grant. West Virginia will also use funding to: create tools for successful risk adjustment; undertake an Exchange issuer initiative and complete a producer and navigator strategic plan; allow for continued policy integration with constituent state agencies; and, develop a business and operational plan that will ensure financial sustainability by January 2015.

West Virginia’s additional Level One award will support the development of the State’s In-person assistance personnel (also known as non-Navigator assistance personnel) and Plan Management activities.  West Virginia’s Non-Navigator assistance personnel on will be co-located with county Medicaid workers.  Each county will have one mobile Non-Navigator assistance staff person that can travel to various locations around the respective county and provide enrollment-related assistance services.  Non-Navigator assistance personnel will continue to serve West Virginians during non-enrollment periods to support consumer assistance related questions and concerns.   Funded plan management activities include the review and processing of Qualified Health Plans, consistent with State-Partnership Exchange activities.

State Planning Grant

Awarded September 30, 2010

Administrator: West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner

Amount Awarded: $1,000,000

  • Assess State’s health insurance consumer and business markets using previous demographic surveys.
  • Develop an economic assessment of West Virginia health insurance market and determine who will participate in Exchange
  • Develop education and outreach strategy for Exchange project, which will result in education and outreach plan. The plan will help promote the Exchange by providing easily accessible information.
  • Assess efficiency and effectiveness of technical capacity of current West Virginia systems to perform technical tasks for the Exchange.

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