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A curriculum of computer-based training (CBT) courses related to Section 111 Group Health Plan (GHP) Mandatory Insurer Reporting has been developed for GHP responsible reporting entities (RREs). These courses provide in-depth training on reporting requirements documented in the GHP User Guide and also include courses on registration and use of the Section 111 Coordination of Benefits Secure Website (COBSW). The CBTs do not require registration.

Please see the Group Health Plan Curriculum for a complete listing of the courses including descriptions and course lengths. You can access the curriculum document and the CBTs from the Dynamic List on this page. If you have any questions or feedback on this material, please click the Training Feedback link found in the Related Links section below.

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ID Title Type Description
01 GHP Curriculum PDF A printable listing of the courses and their descriptions for the GHP CBT Curriculum.
02 Acronym List PDF A list of acronyms pertaining to MMSEA Section 111 and their descriptions.
03 GHP Process Overview PDF The topics in this course include: purpose of the GHP Reporting Process, details of the Data Exchange between the Responsible Reporting Entity (RRE) and the Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center (BCRC), including reporting options, file submissions, data flow, Data Use Agreement and the Coordination of Benefits Secure Web Site (COBSW). The course also includes options for customer service and reporting assistance.
04 GHP Process Reporting Options PDF This course explains the two data reporting options available to comply with Section 111: Basic and Expanded. The Basic Reporting Option reflects the minimum requirements the RREs must adhere to in order to comply with Section 111. The Expanded Reporting Option includes the minimum requirements for Section 111 plus the exchange of prescription drug coverage information. This course includes file types and descriptions for each option.
05 General Reporting Requirements PDF This course describes the Section 111 terms and standards. The topics in this course include: defining RREs, use of agents, what to report on the MSP Input and Non-MSP Input Files, file formats, record types, and data formatting standards.
06 GHP Section 111 Registration PDF RREs will register on the Section 111 COBSW. This course reviews the registration requirements, purpose and timeframes. It details the five steps of registration and account setup. This course should be reviewed prior to COBSW- Step 1-New Registration and COBSW-Step 2-Account Setup.
07 COBSW-Step 1 - New Registration PDF Registration must be completed on the Section 111 COBSW. This course reviews how to register on the Section 111 COBSW.
08 COBSW-Step 2 - Account Setup PDF Account setup must be completed on the Section 111 COBSW. This course reviews how to set up an account on the Section 111 COBSW.
09 Modifying Section 111 Registration PDF This course provides information regarding the steps RREs must take if changes occur in reporting status after their initial Section 111 registration is completed. Possible changes include: abandoned RRE IDs, ceasing use of an RRE ID, transition of reporting, changing reporting agents, and changing RRE information.
10 MSP Input File Requirements Overview PDF To comply with the Section 111 requirements, all GHP RREs must submit the MSP Input File. This
learning module provides an introduction to MSP Input File requirements including data elements,
format, MSP Occurrences and file process notifications.
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