QASP Appeals

What is measured?

The various Appeals QASP standards measure the timeliness and accuracy of processing Medicare Redetermination Notices, as well as the timeliness of Redetermination Effectuations and Qualified Independent Contractor case file submissions.

Performance Data

Fiscal Year

Average QASP Score




2017 94% 63% 100% 100%
2018 94% 57% 100% 100%
2019 98% 86% 100% 100%


QASP Appeals

Trends and Observations

An overall positive trend can be observed from Fiscal Year 2017 – 2019.  Specifically, there has been an overall increase of 4 percentage points (4% increase) since 2017 as well as an increase in the lowest score during the period.  Every year at least one MAC was in 100% compliance. 

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