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Data Collection

Data Collection Guideline

Documents describing the Quality Improvement Strategy (QIS) requirements and technical guidelines are available in the Downloads section at the bottom of this page. Answers to frequently asked questions related to QIS can be found on CCIIO’s Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Certification website under “FAQs” and “Quality Improvement Strategy FAQs.”

The QIS Issuer List for the 2019 Plan Year (2019 QIS Issuer List) is available for issuers to download from the Health Insurance Oversight System Marketplace Quality Module (HIOS-MQM) as of April 25, 2018. The 2019 QIS Issuer List includes issuers that meet the QIS participation criteria and are required to submit at least one QIS Implementation Plan and Progress Report form as part of their 2019 QHP applications to either: (a) implement a new QIS beginning no later than January 2019, or (b) provide a progress update on an existing QIS. The 2019 QIS Issuer List includes issuers operating in Federally-facilitated (FFEs) and FFEs where States perform plan management. Issuers operating in State-based Exchanges (SBEs), including SBEs on the Federal Platform (SBE-FPs), are not included on the list.

The documents for 2019 include: