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How to Order Tribal Products

How to order at NO COST to you and your organization from the CMS Tribal Product Ordering Website

Creating an account in the CMS Product Ordering System:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the words “Create an Account”. (For previous users, please enter your Username and Password in the designated fields, and then click on the Sign In button.)
  3. Fill out the form with your contact and shipping information.
  4. In the field “Why I need access?”, include the name and type of your organization (for example, Tribal Retirement Group, an advocacy group of Tribal Elders). Any organization or individual can create an account and order resources.

Note: CMS will process your request within 3 business days. Your account won’t be accessible until your access is approved. You will receive an email notice of approval within 3 days. Once your request is approved, you can log in to order resources.  Please allow two weeks to complete an order.

Click on links below to view products.

PRINT (Brochures, Fact Sheets, Posters)


11368-N Bringing Better Health Care To Native Communities
11576-N CHIP Brochure - Working Together: For Our Children, For Our Future
11643-N Tribal Folder & Fact Sheets (Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, Marketplace)
11813-N Tribal Coverage to Care brochure
909438-N Understanding Cost Sharing Protections brochure
11816-N Bookmark: Cost Sharing Reductions for AI/ANs
11831-N Medicaid - Enroll Any Time Flyer (Mom Kissing Child)
11832-N Medicaid - Enroll Any Time Flyer (Young Man)
11833-N Medicaid - Enroll Any Time Flyer (Boy on Bike)
909389-N Medicaid - Enroll Any Time Flyer (Family)
11900-N Tribal Glossary Brochure
11905-N Medicaid Estate Recovery Rules and Protections for Indians
11903-N AI/AN Trust Income and MAGI Fact Sheet
11904-N Tool Kit: Your Third Party At Work Poster
11901-N ACA Youth Health Care Brochure
11906-N ACA Urban Health Care Brochure
11907-N ACA Men's Health Care Brochure
11908-N ACA Women's Health Care Brochure
11923-N Medicare Savings Programs for AI/ANs
11932-N AI/AN Long Term Supports & Services Brochure
909318-N Essential Health Benefits for AI/ANs
909319-AN Health Insurance 101 for Alaska Natives
909320-N Health Insurance 101 for American Indians
909321-N Native Communities Can Heal
909440-N Health Care Off the Reservation
909322-N 10 Important Facts about IHS and Health Insurance
909323-N CMS Programs At A Glance
909342-N Employer Sponsored Insurance for You & Your Family
909343-N Employer Insurance and Affordability
909345-N Healthy Students Fact Sheet
909384-N Important CMS Enrollment Dates
909416-N Medicare Prescription Drug Plans for AI/ANs
909439-N Support for Veterans
909441-N AI/AN Enroll in Medicare Poster
909442-N Medicaid/CHIP Pocket Card
909448-N Off to College: Don't Forget Your Health Care
909454-N Stay Healthy with Medicare 
909455-N Medicare & Medicaid Benefits for People with Dementia
909456-N Coverage for New Moms and New Babies
909457-N Diabetes Care and Health Coverage
909507-N My Health Journey Fact Sheet
909508-N Children's Health Check list
909509-N Men's Health Check list
909510-N Women's Health Check list
909511-N Vaccinations - Adults and Children
909522-N Dental Health for Children 
909521_N Dental Health for Adults
909523-N My Health Journey Medicare for AI/ANs 
909528-N Tribal Calendar -2018-2019
909551-N CMS Serving AIANs in CA
909552-N CMS Serving AIANs in CT,ME, MA and RI
909553-N CMS Serving AIANs in NY, MD and VA
909554-N CMS Serving AIANs in AL,NC, SC, FL and MS


909446-N The Role of CMS in Indian Health Care
11653-N CHIP Video – Partners in Health- Creating A Healthy Community
11702-N KAPCOM DVD - CHIP Video

On-Line Only (not available to order)

New Medicare Card Fact Sheet
The Value of Health Insurance for Alaskan Natives
The Value of Health Insurance for Native Americans
Indian Exemption Fact Sheet
Information for American Indians and Alaska Natives Applying for Coverage