LTSS Roadmap

If your community needs to establish long-term services and supports or improve its current program, the LTSS roadmap planning model can guide you through the planning process. The roadmap will help you understand your community's needs and work toward meeting them—whether you have an active program already or are beginning the planning process for the first time.

The Roadmap Model 

The roadmap offers a step-by-step planning process for addressing LTSS needs in your tribal community.

It will help you plan strategically by considering:

  • LTSS needs
  • Resources for services
  • Opportunities for collaboration

This model will show you the necessary steps to build an LTSS program that fits your community.

The Roadmap Model


Steps in the roadmap are easy to follow and they connect to supporting resources available on the LTSS TA Center. You will find links to these topics throughout the roadmap steps, but you can also visit the following topics before you start planning:

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