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MLN Matters Articles

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Welcome to the Medicare Learning Network® MLN Matters® Articles Overview page. 

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) helps the health care professional community provide the best services to beneficiaries by ensuring they have immediate access to Medicare coverage and billing and payment rules in a brief, accurate, and easy-to-understand format. To help meet this goal, CMS develops MLN Matters® Articles. CMS is committed to partnering with health care professionals who provide services under CMS Programs.

What is MLN Matters®?

MLN Matters® are national articles designed to inform health care professionals about the latest changes to CMS Programs. Articles are prepared in consultation with clinicians, billing experts, and CMS subject matter experts. They are tailored, by content and language, to specific provider type(s) who are affected by complex program changes. MLN Matters® Articles help explain critical provider information and minimize the time it takes health care professionals to incorporate these changes into their business functions. Since 2004, CMS has issued over 5,100 articles.

The MLN Matters® electronic mailing list sends an email notification when new and updated MLN Matters® Articles are released. To subscribe and learn more about this service, go to the 'Downloads' section at the bottom of this page and click on "How To Sign Up For MLN Matters."

How Does It Work?

There are two different ways to search for MLN Matters® Articles:

  1. To search by common keywords and phrases, go to the "Downloads" section, and select an MLN Matters® Articles Index. Go to the top of the index page and use the "Find" feature, in your Internet browser, to search for a specific topic or keyword. Once you find the desired topic or keyword, click on the article link.
  2. To search by year, go to the left-hand column of this page and select a year.  From there, use the “Filter On” feature to search by keyword or subject.

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