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Medicare HETS 270/271 - Information Bulletin - July 2, 2018
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HETS 270/271

Medicare HETS 270/271 Submitters:

An updated copy (version 10-9) of the HETS 270/271 R2018Q200 Companion Guide is now available. This iteration covers the current version of HETS 270/271 that was installed on June 16, 2018. The updated version of this document is also available via the HETSHelp Documentation Library.

HETS R2018Q200 Companion Guide: /Research-Statistics-Data-and-Systems/CMS-Information-Technology/HETSHelp/Downloads/R2018Q200HETS270271CompanionGuide.pdf (PDF)  (version 10-9)

Please contact the MCARE Help Desk if you have any questions or comments.