Initiate Phase

During the Initiate Phase the general business need is documented and acceptable solution alternative(s) are provided to the Business Owner which address the business need, optimize integration with external systems, and ensure sound investment decisions. The Business Owner develops and documents the Business Case and alternative solutions with assistance from the Enterprise Architecture Team, Navigator, Subject Matter Experts, and the Governance Review Team (GRT). Representatives from Security, Privacy and Accessibility must be consulted by the project in the Initiate phase, and Security Authorization process begins. The diagram below illustrates the process flow:

Initiate Phase Process Flow

Key Objectives

  1. Clarify business needs
  2. Evaluate solution alternatives
  3. Establish initial TLC System Profile entry

Exit Criteria

  1. The Business Case and Analysis of Alternatives have been documented in the TLC Project Worksheet (DOCX)
  2. An approved solution has been selected by the Business Owner
  3. A Lifecycle ID number has been issued.

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CMS TLC Guidance Document (PDF)
TLC Project Worksheet (DOCX)
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