Initiate Phase

During the Initiate Phase, the Business Owner documents the business need and provides acceptable solution alternative(s) that address the business need, ensuring sound investment decisions. The project team will then engage with subject matter experts on the Governance Review Team (GRT) to discuss the proposed solutions and various IT requirements including Security and Privacy, Technical Architecture, Section 508, and Investment Management. The diagram below illustrates the process flow:

Initiate Phase Process Flow

CMS IT Intake Process for the Initiate Phase

Key Objectives

  1. Clarify business needs
  2. Evaluate solution alternatives
  3. Establish initial TLC System Profile entry

Exit Criteria

  1. The Business Owner documents the Business Need and Analysis of Alternatives in the Business Case Form

  2. The Business Owner selects a solution approved by the GRT

  3. The IT Governance team issues a Lifecycle ID number.

For inquires about the Target Life Cycle, please contact CMS IT Governance at

Helpful Links
Business Case Form (XLSX)
Note: This is a template for the Business Case. This template is a an aid for gathering information. However, the business owner must submit the actual Business Case in EASi.
CIO Policies
CMS CIO policy documents include policies, technical standards, and directives that encompass topics related to information technology and information security and privacy.
TLC Initiate Phase (PPTX)
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