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Develop Phase

During the Develop Phase, the project team creates user stories or requirements. The team designs a solution, and proceeds to build, and deploy the solution to a non-production environment. The project team tests the solution in the non-production environment for compliance with requirements and CMS standards. Requirements, user stories, design, development, and testing should comply with the CMS Technical Reference Architecture (TRA) and security, privacy, and accessibility standards.    

The Business Owner and Developer will establish the system development methodology. The TLC requires a minimal set of artifacts, but components should conform to their chosen system development methodology and follow best practices in Program Management.  


Key Objectives

  1. Identify repository locations for system development artifacts. 

  2. Satisfy information security, privacy, and Section 508 requirements prior to releasing to the production environment 

  3. Update the TLC System Profile entry for the system 

Exit Criteria

  1. Authorization to Operate (ATO) 

  2. Final TLC System Profile Updates 

  3. Software solution ready for deployment to the Production environment 

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Helpful Links

Center for Enterprise Agility (internal CMS link)
The CMS Center for Enterprise Agility is an enterprise-wide resource base for system development, incorporating industry standards for Agile IT development with government tried and tested best practices.

IT Investment Management (internal CMS link)
CMS IT Investment Management helps project teams implement a standard way to report IT costs, technologies, resources, applications, and services, helping CMS optimize the value of their IT investments.

Technical Review Board (TRB) (internal CMS link)
The CMS Technical Review Board provides technical guidance and advises project teams on their IT efforts, enabling successful integration within the CMS IT environment. 
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