Operate Phase

During the Operate Phase, the product/service runs in the Production environment while ensuring that software enhancements and routine maintenance are performed.  COTS upgrades, system software patches, hardware upgrades, and modifications to interfaces with other systems are all maintenance issues that must be supported throughout this Phase.  

The Business Owner must maintain the TLC System Profile with every Production release. Business and program teams must maintain the currency and availability of their documentation to support internal reviews and audits from outside agencies. The inability to produce current documentation may impact a system’s ATO.

Key Objectives

  1. Maintain solution availability and performance
  2. Validate that the TLC System Profile accurately reflects the current state of the solution

Exit Criteria

  1. Decommission Decision


For inquires about the Target Life Cycle, please contact CMS IT Governance at it_governance@cms.hhs.gov.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Template (DOCX)
Operations & Maintenance Manual Template (DOCX)
Training Plan Template (DOCX) – T (DOCX)
User Manual Template (DOCX) – T (DOCX)
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