About HETS 270/271

About HETS 270/271

HETS allows users to submit HIPAA compliant 270 eligibility request files over a secure connection and receive 271 response files. Submitters must develop or acquire a tool to construct and send 270 eligibility request files and receive and deconstruct 271 eligibility response files in a real-time environment. HETS 270/271 application supports real-time transactions only.  The HETS 270/271 application does not accept batch transactions.

Use our HETS2024-1 270/271 Companion Guide v10-35 (PDF) for instructions on using HETS 270/271.

Acceptable Date Ranges

The HETS 270/271 application accepts requests for specific periods up to four years in the past and up to four months in the future based on the transaction date. Requests outside of this range will receive the 2100C level AAA error with AAA03 = ‘62’: Date of Service Not Within Allowable Inquiry Period.

If your request day is April 8, 2024 then your valid query date range is between April 8, 2020 through August 8, 2024.

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