2016 Edition

2016 Edition

Table Listings:

Table I.1 - Medicare enrollment/trends
Table I.2 - Medicare enrollment/coverage
Table I.3 - Medicare enrollment/demographics
Table I.4 - Medicare Part D enrollment/demographics
Table I.5 - Medicare ESRD enrollment/trends
Table I.6 - Medicare ESRD enrollment/demographics
Table I.7 - Medicare advantage, cost, PACE, demo, & prescription drug
Table I.8 - Medicare enrollment/CMS region
Table I.9 - Medicare enrollment by enrollment type/CMS region
Table I.9a - Medicare enrollment by health delivery/demographics
Table I.10 - Medicare Part D enrollment by CMS region
Table I.11 - Medicare Part D enrollment by plan type/CMS region
Table I.12 - Medicare Part D and RDS enrollment/CMS region
Table I.13 - Projected Population
Table I.14 - Period life expectancy at age 65, historical and projected
Table I.15 - Life expectancy at birth and at age 65 by race/trends
Table I.16 - Medicaid and CHIP enrollment
Table I.17 - Medicaid eligibles/demographics
Table I.18 - Medicaid eligibles/CMS region
Table I.19 - Medicaid beneficiaries/State buy-ins for Medicare

Table II.1 - Inpatient hospitals/trends
Table II.2 - Inpatient hospitals/CMS region
Table II.3 - Medicare hospital and SNF/NF/ICF facility counts
Table II.4 - Long-term facilities/CMS region
Table II.5 - Other Medicare providers and suppliers/trends
Table II.6 - Selected facilities/type of control
Table II.7 - Periodic interim payment (PIP) facilities/trends
Table II.8 - Medicare non-institutional providers by specialty
Table II.9 - Medicare DMEPOS providers by specialty

Table III.1 - CMS and total Federal outlays
Table III.2 - Program expenditures/trends
Table III.3 - Annual benefit outlays by program
Table III.4 - Program benefit payments/CMS region
Table III.5 - Medicare benefit outlays
Table III.6 - Medicare/type of benefit
Table III.7 - National health care/trends
Table III.8 - Medicaid/type of service
Table III.9 - Medicare savings attributable to secondary payer provisions by type of provision
Table III.10 - Medicaid/payments by eligibility status
Table III.11 - Medicare/DME/POS
Table III.12 - National health care/type of expenditure
Table III.13 - Personal health care/payment source

Table IV.1 - Medicare/short-stay hospital utilization
Table IV.2 - Medicare long-term care/trends
Table IV.3 - Medicare average length of stay/trends
Table IV.4 - Medicare persons served/trends
Table IV.5 - Original Medicare persons served
Table IV.6 - Medicare persons served/CMS region
Table IV.6A - Original Medicare persons served by type of service
Table IV.7 - Medicare end stage renal disease (ESRD) by treatment modalities
Table IV.8 - Medicare end stage renal disease (ESRD) by treatment modalities and demographics, 2010
Table IV.9 - Medicaid/type of service
Table IV.10 - Medicaid/units of service

Table V.1 - Medicare administrative expenses/trends
Table V.2 - Medicare contractors
Table V.3 - Medicare Redeterminations
Table V.4 - Medicare physician/supplier claims assignment rates
Table V.5 - Medicare claims processing
Table V.6 - Medicare claims received
Table V.7 - Medicare charge reductions
Table V.8 - Medicaid administration

Reference tables:
Program financing, cost sharing and limitations
Geographical jurisdictions of CMS regional offices and Medicaid Federal medical assistance percentages (FMAP) fiscal year 2016

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