FI File Explanation

FI File Explanation

SNF CB Annual Update File for Services Billed to Fiscal Intermediaries for Payment:

Below is an excerpt of the coding file that will be attached under each updated year’s section (i.e. 2005 SNF CB Annual Update)



Short Description

Major Category




Major Category I. H. -
Ambulance Trips--With Application to Major Category II


The annual updates will be formatted as above listing the HCPCS, Short Description and the Major Category the HCPCS falls under. 

Important: Providers/contractors should review the “General Explanation of the  Major Categories” link below for the definitions of the 5 Major Categories, including subcategories, and guidance on additional exclusions not driven by HCPCS.

Updating the File:

HCPCS added or removed by subsequent quarterly change requests will be identified on this page.  The respective year’s annual update file will be updated to either add or remove the HCPCS listed in the quarterly updates.

Periodically, the annual file will be updated to correct errors. An explanation of the latest update will be included. Codes that have been deleted and are no longer payable beyond their grace period will remain on the file in order to allow claims with earlier dates of service to pay appropriately.

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