Part D Information for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Part D Information for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

This page provides important information related to the Part D Coverage Gap Discount Program and the Part D Manufacturer Discount Program created under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 that will replace the Coverage Gap Discount Program beginning in 2025. 

Manufacturer Discount Program 

Information about the Manufacturer Discount Program beginning in 2025 is provided in the Downloads section below. The statutory deadline to enter into a Discount Program agreement for 2025 was March 1, 2024. Questions about the program should be sent to

Coverage Gap Discount Program

The Medicare Coverage Gap Discount Program makes manufacturer discounts available to eligible Medicare beneficiaries receiving applicable drugs while in the coverage gap benefit phase. In order to participate in the Coverage Gap Discount Program, manufacturers must sign an agreement with CMS to provide the discount on all of its applicable drugs (i.e., prescription drugs approved or licensed under a New Drug Application or Biologic License Application). Beginning in 2011, only those applicable drugs that are covered under a signed manufacturer agreement with CMS can be covered under Part D.

CMS has provided on the download section of this page information about the Coverage Gap Discount Program contracting process, the list of participating manufacturers, and FDA Labeler Codes with the associated manufacturer names.

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