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Changes to the Hospital Outpatient PPS for Calendar Year 2005

Device Related Portions of Ambulatory Payment Classification Costs for 2005 As we state in the proposed rule to update the OPPS for CY 2005 (CMS-1427-P), we will review each pass-through device category on a case-by-case basis to determine whether device costs are packaged into the existing APC structure. Currently, we propose that there are none for the remaining 3 categories for 2005, and, therefore, we propose to set the offsets to $0. If, during 2005, we create a new device category and determine that our data contain identifiable device costs within the APCs, we would adjust the pass-through payment by means of adjusting the APC payment associated with the device, if the offset amount is greater than $0. We would announce such an offset amount in the program transmittal that announces the new device category. For 2005, we are proposing to use the device percentages that we developed for potential offsets in CY 2004, and apply those percentages to the CY 2005 payment amounts to obtain the 2005 offset amounts.