How to File a CMS FOIA and/or FOIA/Privacy Act Request

How to File a CMS FOIA and/or FOIA/Privacy Act Request
  1. For Medicare beneficiary claim records – Requestors, including third party requestors with proper Medicare HIPAA authorization, can now submit their FOIA/Privacy Act requests for an individual’s Medicare claims directly to CMS via our new Medicare Beneficiary Claims Portal.  This is the most efficient and timely way for CMS to gather records and respond to all our Medicare claim records requesters.
  1. For any other CMS agency records (such as CMS cost reports, provider records, investigation records, policy records, or email records, etc.) – Members of the public can submit their FOIA requests directly to CMS via our electronic Portal.
  1. You may also submit requests via email, fax, or U.S. Mail.  Please note that it may take additional processing time to respond.

        E-mail your request to                       

        Fax your request to 443-380-8871 

        Mail your request in an envelope, clearly marked “FOIA Request”, to

              Freedom of Information Act Office
              Mail Stop C5-11-06
              7500 Security Boulevard
              Baltimore, Maryland 21244

Please choose only one method to submit your request to avoid duplicate requests (i.e., identical requests received via different means). CMS will act only on the initial request.

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