Introducing the ACA

Introducing the ACA

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) can receive culturally specific benefits. The following resources help guide AI/ANs and enrollment professionals through the ACA and the ACA's tribal considerations.

PSAs, Ads, and Radio Spots

Public service announcements (PSAs) and radio spots provide more information on the ACA and how it benefits tribal communities. PSAs and radio spots are available in English and 10 Native languages on the Outreach & Education Native Language PSA Archive.

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Watch videos featuring Native athletes, mothers, storytellers, and other tribal community members talk about why health coverage matters to them and why it is important for tribal communities.

Health Matters
A thumbnail of A Native comic, actor, track and field star, bull rider, jingle dress dancer

A Native comic, actor, track and field star, bull rider, jingle dress dancer, storyteller, and singer-songwriter describe why health coverage is important to them when it comes to family, injury, women's health, diabetes care, and prescription coverage. (6:20)

Health Matters to Fathers
Video thumbnail of Menominee/Seminole stand-up comic Mitch Factor

Menominee/Seminole stand-up comic Mitch Factor talks about how coverage for his whole family gives him peace of mind when he is on the road, because hospital stays, prescriptions, and specialists are covered. (2:17)

Health Matters to Actress Kim Guerrero
A video thumbnail of Colville/Salish-Kootenai/Cherokee actress Kim Guerrero

Health care matters to Colville/Salish-Kootenai/Cherokee actress Kim Guerrero. She discusses being an advocate for Native health and how Marketplace coverage can save American Indians and Alaska Natives from out-of-pocket costs. (2:05)

A New Path to Health Care: Health Insurance Options for AI/ANs – Health insurance matters for tribal communities
A video thumbnail of a tribal communities and tribal clinic waiting rooms

Developed for tribal communities and tribal clinic waiting rooms, this video provides an overview of the Affordable Care Act, AI/AN-specific provisions; what the ACA means for tribal communities; and what AI/AN community members can continue to receive services from their local IHS, tribal, or urban Indian clinics. (7:38)

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