Our Mission

Our Mission

The CMS Innovation Center fosters healthcare transformation by finding new ways to pay for and deliver care that can lower costs and improve care. The Innovation Center identifies, tests and spreads new ways to pay for and deliver better care and better health at reduced costs through improvement for all Americans.

The Innovation Center has the resources and flexibility to identify, develop, rapidly test and encourage widespread adoption of innovative care and payment models, laying the groundwork for a broader transformation of our healthcare system to one that delivers better health care at lower costs.

Better care: Improve individual patient experiences of care along the Institute of Medicine's six domains of quality: Safety, Effectiveness, Patient-Centeredness, Timeliness, Efficiency, and Equity.

Healthier people: Encourage better health for entire populations by addressing underlying causes of poor health, such as physical inactivity, behavioral risk factors, lack of preventive care and poor nutrition.

Smarter spending: Lower the total cost of care resulting in reduced monthly expenditures for each Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP beneficiary by improving care. 

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