Medicare Hospital Outpatient Services

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Medicare Hospital Outpatient Services

Table and Figure Descriptions:

Table 10.1 - Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Medicare Enrollees, Hospital Outpatient Charges and Program Payments, by Type of Entitlement: Selected Calendar Years 1974-2008

Table 10.2 - Covered Charges for Hospital Outpatient Services Under Medicare, by Demographic Characteristics, Type of Entitlement, and Type of Service: Calendar Year 2008

Table 10.3 - Persons Served and Program Payments for Hospital Outpatient Services Under Medicare, by Area of Residence: Calendar Year 2008

Table 10.4 - Hospital Outpatient Bills, Covered Charges, and Program Payments Under Medicare, by Selected Reasons for the Visit: Calendar Year 2008

Table 10.5 - Hospital Outpatient Procedures, Covered Charges, and Program Payments for Medicare Beneficiaries, by the Leading Principal HCPCS Surgical Procedures: Calendar Year 2008

Figure 10.1 - Percent Distribution of Hospital Outpatient Charges Under Medicare, by Type of Service: Calendar Years 1995 and 2008

Figure 10.2 - Leading Medicare Hospital Outpatient Surgical Procedures, Based on Frequency: Calendar Year 2008