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Thursday, February 29, 2024


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ICD-10 Coordination & Maintenance Committee Meeting — March 19–20 

Tuesday, March 19 – Wednesday, March 20 from 9 am – 5 pm ET

You must register for this virtual meeting if you want to attend.

More Information (check back for additional meeting materials posted closer to the meeting date):


MLN Matters® Articles

Appropriate Use Criteria for Advanced Diagnostic Imaging: CY 2024 Update 

Learn about a pause in the Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) Program for advanced diagnostic imaging (PDF), including:

  • Reevaluating the program
  • Rescinding regulations 
  • Eliminating consultation information on claims
  • Removing systems edits 
  • Providing instructions for claims that erroneously include AUC program G codes and modifiers in CY 2024


Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule & Laboratory Services Reasonable Charge Payment: Quarterly Update 

Learn about updates for laboratory billing (PDF) effective April 1, 2024, including:

  • Next private payor data reporting period: January – March 2025
  • New and deleted HCPCS codes



Medicare Coverage of Diabetes Supplies

Medicare covers diabetes supplies (PDF) under Medicare Part B and Medicare drug plans (Part D). Learn about:

  • Part B coverage:
    • Blood glucose self-testing equipment and supplies
    • Durable insulin pumps and the insulin used in those pumps
    • Therapeutic shoes and inserts
  • Part D coverage:
    • Diabetic supplies
    • Insulin
    • Anti-diabetic drugs
  • Supplies and services not covered by Medicare


Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection System: Tip Sheet for Rural & Super Rural Organizations 

Read the Rural and Super Rural Organizations Tip Sheet (PDF) for 6 tips and common scenarios for reporting to the Medicare Ground Ambulance Data Collection System (GADCS).

Visit Medicare GADCS for resources, including:

  • Printable version of the GADCS instrument in English and Spanish
  • Updated GADCS User Guide
  • Tip sheets on reporting and getting access to the GADCS, FAQs, and prior educational sessions
  • Lists of ground ambulance organizations required to participate in Years 1–4


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